Maharashtra GK & Current Affairs for MPSC Examinations



The 3960 MW Tilaiya Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) is located in which state?
[C]Uttar Pradesh
[D]West Bengal

Tilaiya project is a 3,960 Megawatt (Mw) Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) in Jharkhand. It was to be commissioned in 2012 but got late due to array of reasons.

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The Sangai Festival is organized in __:



The Sangai festival is an annual cultural festival organised by Manipur Tourism Department on every year from November 21 to 30. The festival as named as the Sangai Festival to stage the uniqueness of the shy and gentle brow-antlered deer popularly known as the Sangai Deer, which is the state animal of Manipur.
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The Peshwa accepted the Subsidiary Alliance with the British via which among the following treaties?
[A] Treaty of Purandhar
[B] Treaty of Bassein
[C] Treaty of Salbai
[D] Treaty of Surji Arjungaon

Treaty of Bassein


Treaty of Bassein 1802:
a) In 1802,Baji Rao-II killed Bithurji Holkar (younger brother of Yashwant Rao Holkar.
b) To take the revenge of it ,Yashwant Rao Holkar attacked on Poona & capture it.
c) To get the throne of Poona ,Bajirao-II signed the Treaty of Bassein.
As per the Treaty of Bassein (1802) –
»A subsidiary force consisting of not less than 6000 regular infantary ,with the usual proportion of field artillery and European artillery
»For the maintenance of subsdiary troops Rs.26 lakhs were too kept.
»Not to entertain any European except British.
»Not to claim over Surat and Baroda .
»Not to declare war without consulting British.
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In which among the following years, Bombay transferred to the East India Company by Charles II ?
[A] 1662 A.D.
[B] 1664 A.D.
[C] 1666 A.D.
[D] 1668 A.D.

1668 A.D.


On 21 September 1668, the Royal Charter of 27 March 1668, led to the transfer of Bombay from Charles II to the British East India Company for an annual rent of £10.
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The most important reason for collection of “Chauth” and “Sardeshmukhi” by Marathas was __?
[A] To increase the source of income
[B] To expand his territories
[C] To consolidate his political influence
[D] Because of the opposition of Muslim rulers

To increase the source of income


Shivaji collected the chauth and sardeshmukhi from the territory which was either under his enemies or under his own influence. The chauth was one fourth part of the income of a particular territory while the sardeshmukhi was one tenth. Shivaji collected these taxes simply by force of his arms. These constituted of the primary sources of income of Shivaji and helped in the extension of the power and territory of the Marathas.
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Who among the following was not included in the “Asta Pradhan” of Shivaji ?
[A] Sumant
[B] Majmudar
[C] Vakiyanavis
[D] Vakeel



Ashta Pradhan

  1. Pantpradhan or Peshwa – Prime Minister, general administration of the Empire.
  2. Amatya – Finance Minister, managing accounts of the Empire.
  3. Sacheev – Secretary, preparing royal edicts.
  4. Mantri – Interior Minister, managing internal affairs especially intelligence and espionage.
  5. Senapati – Commander-in-Chief, managing the forces and defense of the Empire.
  6. Sumant – Foreign Minister, to manage relationships with other sovereigns.
  7. Nyayadhish – Chief Justice, dispensing justice on civil and criminal matters.
  8. Panditrao – High Priest, managing internal religious matters.
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In which among the following years was the institution of Lokayukta established in Maharashtra ?



Maharashtra was the first state to introduce the institution of Lokayukta through The Maharashtra Lokayukta and Upa-Lokayuktas Act in 1971.This was followed by similar acts being enacted by states of Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Delhi. Maharashtra Lokayukta is considered as weak due to lack of powers, adequate staff, funds and no independent investigating agency. Karnataka Lokayukta is considered as the most powerful Lokayukta in the country.
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Central Bee Research and Training Institute is located at which among the following places?


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Which among the following states is largest producer of Sugar in India?
[D]Uttar Pradesh


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Which among the following state has maximum number of districts in India?
[B] Maharashtra
[C]Tamil Nadu
[D] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Maharashtra

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